Are You Listening to Your Market?

Marketing what the market will buy.

I want to talk to you about a client that I talked to today. And she is really bright, and has been really working with her marketing and getting feedback – which, until we talked today, I don't think she was really able to hear. Because she had an idea of what she wanted to provide. And the market was saying, "We want something different." Which she can provide. And what she was doing – and I know, because I've done this many times – is thinking, "Well, I want to give what I want to give." And they're not buying it. So what's the problem?

Well, the problem is that, she, I think, needs to market what the market will buy. And she can then provide what she wants to provide. So for me, what that looked like was, I really love doing personal transformation work. And most of my people are entrepreneurs, and they were like, "Oh, that's great. But I really need to know how to build my business. I'm really struggling here. I don't have enough clients. I don't have enough money. I get petrified when I try to sell something. And my marketing is clearly not on track."

How it's worked for me.

So what I saw was, that I could train people on the sales and marketing skills that they needed to enroll their ideal clients. And at the same time, I could provide personal transformation work – which, each of us needs, in order to grow ourselves and our business. So I'm going to invite you today to look at your marketing – at the feedback you're getting from your market. And I'm a real advocate of getting out and talking to real people. The internet is great; social media is great. But people get more of a sense of you when you're in person with them. So yes, that means getting out from behind the computer and going networking. And for some of you, I know you just don't like that.

But here's the thing: Those are the people you want to help. 

Those are the people who can tell you what they want and how they respond to what you're selling, or what you're offering, if you like that word better.

So my invitation to you today is to look at what your market is telling you.

What is it they're wanting? And if you don't know, you do need to get out to talk to people. You can interview people. That's a really great way to find out what people are wanting. And to look and see how you can provide – with your skillset. And I'm not saying, if you're a weight loss coach, that you need to go be a business coach. I'm not saying that. But what else, in addition to weight loss, might they be looking for? Do they want to feel better? Do they want to look better? Do they want to be able to fit into that dress for their niece's wedding?

So what can you say yes to in your marketing today?

I'm going to leave you with that. If you have any comments, I'd love to hear them. If you have any questions, of course I would be happy to answer them. And if you'd like a brief chat about what's going on in your business, I am always available for that.