Freedom to Choose

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Today I want to talk to you about being free to choose. That seems to be self-evident, doesn’t it? It’s like, “Of course, I'm free to choose,” but in my experience, sometimes we’re really not. We think we are, but we’re really not. Making a choice conscious is a really great practice

Watch the video to get the Energy Clearing and Infusion for more Freedom to Choose what’s in your life or read the article below.

I’ll tell you a story from my past. Back in the day, I was a cigarette smoker. I grew up in a town where they made cigarettes, and my father worked for that company so there were cigarettes in my life. This was before the bans got really heavy and the prejudice against smoking got so heavy. I was a smoker. I smoked at parties. I was kind of obnoxious because I would bum cigarettes from people because I was highly allergic to them, and so I couldn’t really buy my own, because I’d smoke them all and feel sick.

This went on for a number of years. Finally, in 1999, I thought, “I am not going into the new millennium smoking. I am not doing it.” I have been a hypnotherapist and I had a number of hypnotherapy friends who could’ve helped me if I had asked them to. They would’ve been happy to do that – but no, I did not ask. I was very fond of my cigarettes. They were my friend. You may have something in your life that feels that way – but I was so determined not to be a smoker. It had me in its grip and I did not like it.

I decided to hypnotize myself. I went back to three reasons why I was smoking and cleared those, on an internal level – and yes, it’s possible to do that. Since that day, I’ve not smoked a cigarette – and I used to work around people who did smoke. That was a choice that I had to make. It had to be conscious enough for me to make that choice – like, “I will not smoke again.”

That’s the power of being able to choose. 

I like doing clearings with you. I use the bobber. I use dowsing. I also use the pendulum – but for purposes of these videos, I use a bobber. What this is is just showing where the energy – it’s moving, yes, I'm moving it; I know I am – but it’s also showing you and showing my conscious mind that something’s happening.

Energy Clearing: Freedom to Choose

 Let’s just think about where you would like to be free to choose something different. Anywhere where you’re not feeling that you really do have a choice. Maybe it’s in your abundance. Maybe it’s in the moneythat you’re making from a job or from your business. Maybe it’s in your love relationships, like you’re not feeling free to choose to have the love that you want – or to create the love that you want.

Or maybe it’s in your health. Maybe you’re not feeling free to create what you want in your health. Anything that that is, we’re just bleeding and destroying across all time, space, dimensions, and realities – good, bad, right, wrong. PoD, PoC, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds.

That language is from Access Consciousness. I’ll put that up on the screen here. If you’re interested in dowsing, which is what I'm doing, I recommend you go over to He’s got some classes coming up and some DVDs that will teach you about dowsing.

You may or may not feel anything while I’m doing this. Yesterday, in my in person workshop called Abundance with Adele, one of the participants was feeling a lot down in her lower belly. We could say that she was feeling the clearing – but you don’t have to for it to have an effect. 

As I mentioned before, one of my clients said, “I don’t feel anything while you’re doing that, but I do notice that I'm doing things differently. I'm doing things that I would not have done before.”

Energy Infusion: Freedom to Choose

Now we’re going to infuse you with freedom to choose. Freedom to choose abundance, love, and health – or whatever else it is. Maybe it’s peace. Maybe it’s rest. Maybe it’s receiving. Freedom to choose receiving.

I talked to a friend today who just takes care of everybody else. Her body’s starting to show the stress of that. She’s got to take some time to pay attention to herself. I understand that very well, having been there, done that myself. For some of us stubborn ones, it takes a while. It takes a bigger 2x4 to get our attention. So let’s infuse the freedom to choose abundance, love, health, peace, joy.

Energy Clearing: The Need to Mimic Others

This next clearing, I want to help us clear theneed to mimic other people. You probably know people that are having some struggle in their life. Maybe you are struggling as well. 

We’re all entangled with each other.We all see each other’s lives, we know what’s going on. We have the tendency to mimic each other. Maybe we don’t need to do that. Do I need to mimic my family who’s not feeling well? No, I don’t. I love them, but I don’t need to copy them. Actually, I need to do my thing, so maybe they might want to copy me.

Let’s clear anywhere where you don’t have the freedom to choose your own path.I realize that’s within limits. I'm never going to be an Olympic athlete. I never wanted to be an Olympic athlete. I’ve known some Olympic athletes, and they’re awesome – but that drive, determination, and focus on one thing was not my thing. Yes, there are limits on me. I don’t know where I'm unlimited, unless I try. 

Freedom to choose being unlimited. Unlimited by your circumstances, by what’s happening around us. Clearing limitations from your past

Energy Infusion: Inviting In the Spirit of Freedom

Now this is the infusion part, where we invite in the spirit of freedom. The freedom to choose. It’s important to do both: the clearing and the inviting in, the infusion. Why that’s important is that, you may have habituated, gotten familiar with one way of being – maybe copying someone else. To fill that space up, once it’s cleared out, with what you really want – that’s a good thing.

The third thing I’d like to say is, having the freedom to choose how you respond. Yesterday, in Abundance with Adele, one of the participants said, “Thank you for including personal issues as well as business issues,” because she’s dealing with something in her personal life. It’s a limitation that she feels very keenly – and she has an opportunity to choose how she will respond. We each have that opportunity.

I met a woman about a month ago whose husband has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. She has three children, and he’s gotten this diagnosis. 

She said to me, “It’s been really interesting to hear how people think I am supposed to respond to this news. That’s not necessarily how I choose to respond.”She has established her freedom to choose how she’s going to respond in that situation. 

I think we all have that right – to choose how we’re going to respond to a situation that hurts us, that makes us sad, that makes us anxious, that makes us worry, that makes us feel less than.

How do you choose to respond?Actually, I'm clearing anything that stands in the way of your choosing to respond to a situation in the best possible way – for you and all those concerned.

Energy Infusion: The Power and the Freedom to Choose

Now we’re going to infuse the power of choice, the freedom to choose. The power and the freedom to choose.

What do you notice that’s different? 

Is there anything that seems a little lighter or a little more spacious? 

A little more possible? 

Please let me know. I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Stay tuned for more freedom clearing in the next video.