Does an Awkward Teenager Run Your Business?

Does An Awkward Teenage Run Your Business

I recently told my coach that I thought my Inner Teenager was getting in the way of making progress in my business.  She asked me what I meant. I was immediately taken back to the days when I was tall, gawky, pimply-faced with glasses and braces.  I desperately wanted to fit in, but I didn’t. I wanted to find my way, but I didn’t know how.

I thought I was all alone, but I now know I was struggling right along with 99% of my classmates.  None of us knew what we were doing or how to fit in, but we put on a brave face and acted like we had our stuff together.

I’m still tall, but thank goodness the pimples and the braces are gone, and I’m no longer gawky.  But there are times when I’m still unsure and insecure about what I’m doing.  It’s like I never really grew up.

I realize, as in the Teen Years, that I’m not alone.  I talk to many women who love what they do, but feel clueless about how to make their business work.

They feel like a fraud and think that one more certification or degree is going to give them permission to feel good about themselves and their work.

And don’t even talk about promoting ourselves.  It’s like we are back in high school and trying to be popular without looking like we’re trying too hard.

These insecurities and the desire to be liked are killing our businesses!!!

And they don’t have to.  Most of the women I know and work with are bright, committed, talented, and wise.  They have a lot to share.  They make a difference.

And if they could let their Inner Teenager grow up, they would be a lot more confident about getting their message out into the world and showing up as a leader for change.

So here is my recipe for evolving past the Perpetual Teenager Stage of Business:

  1. Talk to your Inner Teenager – she’s smart, she’s curious, she wants to explore the world. She can be an excellent ally.
  2. Ask her what she wants. Listen and respond.
  3. Ask her if she wants to help you in your business.  If yes, see what roles you can work out.  If no, ask her if she can do something she wants to do while you go to work.
  4. See if there are any beliefs she’s carrying that say she’s not allowed to be bold, successful, or a leader.  Work on clearing those beliefs.
  5. Do something fun with your Inner Teenager.  Pay attention to her.  Get to know and appreciate her.
  6. Imagine what you’d do in your business if you didn’t need to be popular or liked by everyone.  Then do something from that place. It is time to let your Inner Teenager release the hold she has on your business.  It’s time for you to rise into your beauty and magnificence.  We need your strengths and your gifts.  Please share them with us.