5 Habits that Encourage Success - Action

You’re probably not doing this enough. Sure you may be busy and harried, but it you are not practicing this habit daily, you are not enjoying the success you desire.

Of all the habits to cultivate, this one is the Golden Key.

Take a look at the video or the article below to see how you rate yourself on this make-or-break habit.

Today’s habit is taking Action.

And quite frankly, I think it might be one of the weakest habits that I see in the transformational entrepreneur world. I know that I’ve been guilty of that as well – thinking about things, and not really taking action on them.

The most successful people I know – including my most successful clients – are big action-takers. They think things through, they plan, and then they act. They don’t stop at the planning, thinking stage. They keep moving forward.

Why We Don’t Take Action

There are a lot of reasons why we do not take as much action as we could and/or should.

These reasons include fears – fears of not being perfect, fears of being criticized if we get out there. Fears of not getting it right – which is like, not being perfect. Those concerns are all really valid.

But there comes a day that you’re going to have to take some action, and change how you’re doing things.

I know I had to do that when I realized that I didn’t know how to sell. I was so afraid of it that I couldn’t do it. And so, I spent a lot of money on being in a big expo, and only got one client from it. And that was heartbreaking.

So I had to choose. I had to choose whether I was going to take action and learn how to sell well and actually do it – or not and quit my business.

Taking action is fundamental to your success.

Definitions of Action

The dictionary describes action in many different ways. One definition is “an act of will,” “a forward movement” towards your dreams, desires, and goals. There are ways to manage your fear, and there are ways to be able to reduce your perfection tendencies, and give yourself room to learn.

A big deal for many of us is thinking you have to get it right, right out of the box. In many instances you’re not going to get it right.

Maybe your marketing message takes a while to hone. Maybe you’re still learning your craft, so you don’t really know exactly who your ideal clients are; you need to have some clients, to find out, “Oh, yeah, I’m really digging on this person. This one, not so much – don’t work so well with them.”

Taking action puts you in the learning mode. And it moves you forward so that you progress more and more rapidly.

What About the Law of Attraction?

Another thing that has been a disservice to many of us is our interpretation of the Law of Attraction.

I think the Law of Attraction’s teachings – which really are valid –combined with the fear of taking action, mean that many people sit on their couch waiting for their clients to come. Or maybe they sit on Facebook and they do lots of social media – but they’re not really getting the traction they want.

The Law of Attraction + Inspired Action lead to results

The Obvious Question

My question to you is - What action could you take this week that would benefit you and your business the most?

It could be very small. It could be, “Gosh, I’m going to go to that networking meeting.” I know I talk about networking a lot.

Because networking is important, to get to know people – and to get to know who you can serve.

Maybe it’s to write that newsletter that you know you should’ve been doing – but you haven’t. You haven’t taken action on that yet.

And maybe it’s making a video – a Facebook Live video – to talk about what you do.

The action can be really small. And it can be really scary.

But if you let yourself do it, like Nike says, “Just do it” – if you let yourself do it, I think you’ll be really pleased that, #1, you did it. You got off the couch and you did it. You got out of the hubbub that we all circle around in with all the information and calls and texts and emails and distractions and took a step forward.

Try This!

What action could you take this week that would benefit you and your business?

I invite you to say “yes” to that.

And I invite you to find a friend, a buddy, that you can ask her or him the same thing: “What are you going to do this week? And let’s be accountability buddies.”

I find, often, that if you promise somebody else that you’re going to take an action, it’s a more motivating factor than if you just promise yourself.

So this week, take some action. And we’ll see you on the next one. And thanks for tuning in.