Map to Authentic Sales Conversations


Join me this month for Abundance with Adele.

It’s on Wednesday, April 25th at 11:45 am at the Frontier in Durham, NC. Grab your seat for free here.

Our topic is Sales Conversations, and I will give you a step-by-step map to conducting them in a way that is true to your personality and your values. I’ll teach you the best practices that work for me and my clients so be sure to be there!

We’ll start at 11:45. It’s lunchtime so bring your lunch and a friend who would like to bring more clients into her business as well. Register here.


  • witness an Abundance Seat where we’ll focus on one business owner and an issue she has in her business
  • have an Abundance Experience with the whole group to help expand any abundance limits you may have
  • be entered into the drawing for a cool giveaway and
  • network with other women business owners from the area.

It won’t be the same without you so please register and come! 

Mark your calendar, RSVP, and come on out to Abundance with Adele on April 25th. You’ll be glad you did!