Dissolve a Block to Abundance!

What would it be like to expand past your current Abundance Limits? You know - those nasty thoughts that come up whenever you think about having more clients, making more money, or having a bigger impact with your work?

Those thoughts come to all of us. Success comes to you when you expand past them, stop believing the lies your mind tells you, and do that scary thing that’s going to bring you more of what you want.

To learn how to dissolve a block to Abundance, watch the video or read the article below and let me know what happens.

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Last time, I talked about how your blind spots hide down in your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is not aware of them; all you know is that blocks seem to show up in your life, but you don’t know why.

Let’s get into one of those blocks. And you don’t even need to know what it’s called.

If we worked together, we would figure that out – but this is me talking to you. And we’re not together in real time. So let’s just dissolve a block.

How Big Is Your Abundance?

If your Abundance were an object, how big would it be?

  • Is it small?
  • Is it medium?
  • Is it big?
  • Do you want to take it bigger?
  • And is that a little scary?
  • Or a lot scary? 

Be with your Abundance for a moment. Have a sense of where it might be in your physical body, surroundings, or in your emotional body. (Weird requests I know, but play along with me here.)

And yes, it’s going to feel like you’re making this up. That’s fine.

This is really how the subconscious talks to the conscious mind which has very little understanding of what’s going on down in the subconscious mind.

Help Your Conscious Mind Out

This practice is giving the conscious mind a way to understand what’s going on in the subconscious mind - terrain below your every day consciousness.

So let’s just imagine that there is a block to expanding your Abundance. And you feel it pretty keenly.

  • Maybe you’re not making the money you want to make.
  • Maybe you don’t have the clients you want.
  • Maybe your health is a little raggedy.
  • Maybe your relationships aren’t really are not where you want them to be.
    • Maybe you’re single and want to be married.
    • Maybe you’re married and want to be single.

Whatever your situation, you sense there is some sort of block – and your very bright, conscious mind does not know what it is.

But your subconscious mind – which makes up about 95% of you – does knows what it is. And in fact, it could identify it right now.

And I don’t mean by naming it, because that’s more of a conscious mind thing – but by picturing it, which is more of a subconscious mind thing.

Try This!

So try picturing it, or actually putting your hands out and feeling it.

  • Is it a block, like a cube?
  • Is it a mushy thing?
  • Is it hot?
  • Is it cold?

Use your imagination. And it’s fine if you feel like you’re making up stuff. The point is to find the block.

And on the count of 3, I’m going to ask that it be dissolved – or begin to dissolve. We’re asking the Highest Power to come in and help us along with our team of invisible helpers. They love to respond to requests like this.

So if you haven’t done this before, this is a great experiment for you. If you have, just know that you’ll begin to notice a shift.

On the count of 3, whatever this block is – and we don’t need to know its name, we just need to know it’s there – this block will begin to dissolve like an ice cube.

1, 2, 3.

What’s Different?

Notice whatever you’re feeling. If you’re not feeling anything, that’s just fine – doesn’t mean that nothing’s happening. Just notice. Notice what’s different.

Check out your Abundance Limits. Maybe they’re getting a little bit more malleable. Maybe they might be getting a bit more expansive.

Be curious about this question this week: “How is my Abundance shifting and expanding this week?”

I encourage you to look for evidence. Look for evidence of expansion. Because that’s what you will find when you look for it.

Tell me what you experienced this week, with your Abundance – whether it’s money, love, health, joy, happiness, freedom. Whatever it is, just notice any differences.

I’ll be back next week with more Abundance with Adele.

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