Allow More Money

Ever think that the flow of money into your bank account has a crimp in it? Like a garden hose that doesn’t deliver all the water it’s capable of?

It might actually be true! Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs may be jamming up the amount of money, the number of clients, and the extent to which you love your business and life.

Let’s get to work on expanding your abundance today. Watch the video or read the article below. And let me know what you notice!

I’m back with another conversation to expand your abundance limits.

Today, I want to recommend to you a book called You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero.

This is an awesome book. At my Abundance with Adele event on January 31st, I will be giving away one of these books to a lucky participant. So if you’re coming, you may get a chance to win.

I love this woman, Jen Sincero, because she has been broke, and she has become rich – by applying all the questions, the actions, and the beliefs that she talks about in this book.

She has a great way of making statements about money that make me think and lift me up. See if it does the same for you.

Expand Your Abundance Exercise #1

Fill in the blank on this statement:

I want money because.”

Money is a very big – and sometimes vague – notion and completing this statement makes it more real.

How would you complete the statement, “I want money because”?

  • I want to educate my children.
  • I want to live in a nice home.
  • I am tired of worrying about paying the bills.
  • I am sick of feeling like a failure in my business.

Fill in that blank for yourself: I want money because.

Let yourself be free about your answers.

Wanting money is a good thing. It means your desire is up, you want to expand, and you want to have more resources in your life.

It’s not bad to want more money. How you get it is up to you. I suspect you will not do the sleazy stuff to get money.

Let yourself be free about wanting money.

Expand Your Abundance Exercise #2

The second statement for you to fill in the blank is:

I love money because.”

Why might you love money?

Would it be because it let you send your child to college debt- free and that she has graduated and is now doing great in her career and social life?

How about

“I love money because it lets me give gifts to people I love.”
“I love money because it lets me be the best me I can be.”
“Because I have all the resources I need to flourish. And it doesn’t take away from anybody else.”

Yes, we live in an abundant universe. Your abundance does not decrease anyone else’s abundance. In fact, it might inspire it!

“I love money because I get to give money to worthy causes and organizations that are doing things that I think are important in this world.”
 “I love money because I can invest in big businesses and demand that they take their environmental impact into account.” That’s what some shareholder groups are doing now.
“I love money because it makes me feel secure.”
“I love money because I don’t have anything to worry about. I know I have the resources to do and get whatever I may need – to help myself and to help others.”
“I love money because it just keeps expanding.”

You know that there’s more money on the earth now than there ever has been – ever? And it just keeps expanding.

Expand Your Abundance Exercise #3

The third statement for you to complete is:

I deserve money because.”

This one could be a big deal for you. You may not feel like you really deserve money.

I see a lot of clients who get caught in this trap of, “I’m working hard. I’m working hard. I’m working hard. But I’m not quite there yet. I’m working hard. I’m working hard. But I’m not quite there yet.”

Do you ever feel like you are on that particular hamster wheel, going nowhere fast with everything being a gigantic effort without much reward?

A lot of women think that they have to give everything and then some. And then take some more courses and get more certifications before they’re worthy of being paid for what they do. Or before they’re worthy of having the money and the resources that they need. So this is a big one.

“I deserve money because I am a child of the universe.”
“I deserve money because I am an abundant, infinite being.”
“I deserve money because money loves me.”

You may come up with something entirely different that feels even better.

Share what you come up with in a comment below. I would love to hear what you are telling yourself in these statements.

Remember you can have more than one answer to these statements.

“I want money because.”
“I love money because.”
“I deserve money because.”

Stretch your mind and expand your abundance!

Tell yourself why you want, love, and deserve money. It’s a good thing to do.

Until next time, I’m wishing you great prosperity.


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