Where are your money blocks?

Where are your money blocks?

I’m kicking off a new video series called More Abundance Live, and I’m introducing the energy work I’ve been doing for over 20 years. Energy work comes in many flavors, and it can seem weird if you haven’t experienced it before.

But it doesn’t seem weird to me any more – just incredibly valuable in making things better. Once I learned how to read and change non-beneficial energy to something much better, I fell in love with being able to help people have better lives in all sorts of ways – health, love, success, opportunities, and prosperity.

The basic concept is that we are all energetic beings and respond to what is not visible to our eyes or perceived by our senses. Everyone is affected by energy whether you are aware of it or not.

That’s why you might get a creepy feeling about a place and not want to stay there. Or why some people just rub you the wrong way – your energies are not compatible. 

Since energy is invisible, it takes some practice to get familiar with it. You “read” energy with your intuition. Often people tell me they “knew” they shouldn’t have taken that client or gone to a particular party, but they did anyway and regretted it afterwards. 

The Intuitive Mind or the Subconscious Mind makes up about 95% of your wisdom or “knowing”. It runs your body, gives you hunches and inspiration, and picks up on the energy around you. Your Logical or Conscious Mind makes up the other 5% of your “knowing” capacity. 

Obviously, it’s good to get to know your intuition and begin to heed it. 

All that said, let’s jump into today’s subject – finding and releasing your blocks to more money. Enjoy the video and let me know what you notice in the coming days about your money life!

If you would like to know about dowsing and how it can benefit you and other people, go Raymon's website. Raymon is a masterful healer and teacher and has lots to teach you if you are interested.

PS Abundance with Adele is my live, in person workshop held in the Research Triangle of NC. This month the workshop is on Deserving More and will be on Wednesday, May 23rd at the Frontier at 11:45 am.

To join us, register your free ticket here and bring your lunch and a friend who would like more abundance in her life.