What Is Judging Costing You?

What Is Judging Costing You?

Earlier in the month I had the pleasure of taking an Improv for Business class with my friend and colleague, Gina Trimarco Cligrow of Gina and Co. 

Gina is from Chicago and began doing improv at Second City at the age of 19.  She used what she learned in improv class and from her entrepreneurial dad to become a successful marketer and business manager.  Now she's using those skills to help other entrepreneurs become better at sales conversations and marketing through improvisational comedy.

All the Improv for Business students learned lots and survived!

A group of 21 of us came together for two days at Gina's Carolina Improv Theater in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Some were newbies to Improv and some of us had a little Improv training. 

It didn't matter - we all were scared.  We all were challenged.  We all wanted to "observe" and not play. 

What were we afraid of? 

For many of us, we feared judging ourselves and being judged for our performance.

Fundamentally we were afraid that we were not good enough. 

But Gina taught us to use the central premise of Improv of “yes and …” which helped us to stop judging and start playing. 

Have you ever noticed that playing doesn't involve judging?

  • Play involves taking what's in front of you and using it 
  • Play involves being present and saying what comes to you in the moment
  • Play involves trusting your instincts
  • Play involves bonding with the people you are playing with
  • Play involves noticing what you'd like to improve - without judgment 

My question to you today is "What is judging costing you?"

What are you missing by monitoring your performance with a critical eagle eye?

Who are you not connecting with because you are trying to be perfect?

Are you suppressing your business by keeping a lid on your passion and exuberance?

The Improv for Business class revealed to me a strong Inner Judge who wants me to do everything perfectly.  I can trace this Inner Judge directly to my parents - an engineer (who had to get everything right so things work the way they are supposed to) and a teacher of dyslexic students (who had to teach her students specific techniques so they could learn to read).  I took on being "perfect" pretty seriously because I looked up to my parents! 

There truly is no universal agreement on what perfect is. Eastern philosophy says that everything is already perfect.  It's our judgment of what is that makes us unhappy and stressed out.

I saw that judging myself is costing me spontaneity, connection with others, and fun.  So my Inner Judge and I are working out a new arrangement for less judging and more fun because more fun is lot more attractive than judging! 

Where are you judging yourself and your results and stopping yourself from attracting more clients and money into your business?

Where could you enjoy more spontaneity, connection, and fun?

What would be the outcome if you did?

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