Receiving Prosperity

Purpose and Profit

Let’s talk about Receiving Prosperity. We talk a lot about prosperity. We try to create prosperity in our business, but are we really ready to receive prosperity?

Watch the video to experience the energy clearing and infusion or read the article below.

Why do we want prosperity? 

I think we want prosperity – or at least I do – so that I can grow and be the very best person that I can be.

I can have the most creative expression. 

I can have the most experiences. 

I could show the most generosity towards other people.

I just want to be the best. Sometimes, that takes money. 

It takes money to travel. It takes money to grow a business. It takes money to get the proper healthcare. That’s why I want prosperity.

I was reminded last night, when I spoke to my dowsing mentor, and he said, “Your prosperity is kind of low.” I'm like, “Hmm, okay.” 

I asked myself, “Am I really open to receiving prosperity? 

Am I willing to willing to receive prosperity – or do I think I have to be a better person or more worthy or give more value or have more clients?” 

All this stuff we say to ourselves: “I'm not worthy. I'm not valuable.” I don’t think that’s true, but it is what many of us say to ourselves.

Receptor Sites for Prosperity 

Today the question is, “How big is your receptor site for prosperity?”

In biochemistry, your receptor site is a cell that will take on chemicals from other cells, or information from other cells. If they’re important functions, and they’re shut down, then there’s illness in the system. That’s why inflammation is such a big deal in health these days. 

We don’t want our receptor sites blocked by inflammation. We want our receptor sites to be open, so they can receive.

Think about these questions: 

How big is your receptor site? 

Is it like, the head of a pin? 

Is it really little? 

Or is it like a helipad? 

Or a football field? 

Or a lake? 

Or the ocean? 

How big is your receptor site?

I'm back with my handy-dandy bobber. This is called dowsing, if you don’t know about it. It’s a way to find information, energetic information, and also to clear energy – and to transmute energy into a different form. It’s all done with intention. 

It’s done with the mind and the body and the spirit, using these tools. We use the bobber – or you can use the pendulum. We can use the pendulum because it gives us a physical confirmation that “something’s happening” – and our logical mind likes that a lot. Our subconscious mind, our creative mind is probably feeling the energy shift, but our logical mind likes to see it.

Energy Clearing: You & Your Ancestry

First of all, we’re going to clear any aspects not deserving, not being worthy, and not being valuable – in yourself, and in your ancestry.

As I’ve said before, your folks came here – unless you’re Native American, and then you have a whole other story about prosperity being taken away from you. If your family came from another country, they probably left because they were either starving, there was war, or they wanted better opportunities. All of their expressions and experience with prosperity will come down to you.

Anywhere where you’re not feeling deserving, worthy, or valuable to receive more prosperity, let’s just clear that on all levels, lifetimes, languages – resolving all the history. 

Energy Clearing: Your Surroundings, Friends, and Society 

Now we’re going to clear your surroundings, your friends, and your society. 

It’s been said that you make the average of the money, of the income that your five closest friends make. You make the average income of your five closest friends. If your friends are struggling, you may be struggling, too. 

I’m not saying you have to get new friends, but they could having a negative influence on your income. 

What do your society and surroundings tell you about deserving and being worthy, being valuable?I can tell you, I get much more feedback that I'm valuable and worthy while living on a lake than I did living in the apartment where I was before. Those are visual cues of “Hey, I matter”. 

I think that’s why decluttering is so important – just like, you want your surroundings to look and feel good. 

Energy Infusion: You Deserve to Receive Abundance

Now, let’s infuse you with deserving to receive abundance.Worthy. Valuable.For yourself, your ancestry, your surroundings, your friends, and your society. Knowing, in the midst of all of that, that you’re worthy, deserving, and valuable to receive abundance, to receive prosperity.

Here’s a question for you. We’re going to do a couple more clearings, but I want to ask you this question: 

Why not you?

What does it say about you if you do receive prosperity? 

Do you feel guilty? 

Do you feel like, “Oh, I can’t do that. I'm going to take from someone who needs it more than I do.” I was raised with the demand to, “Eat your dinner, because there are children starving in China.” It never made sense to me, but it did lay a guilt trip on me about leaving food on my plate.

Why not you? 

If you do well, you can help more people. Because money helps. Prosperity helps.

If you receive more prosperity, would that be in the form of more clients? 

Would you be helping more people? 

We all know that if you help someone, that ripples out into the community. You’re actually making a bigger difference than with just that one person.

Why not you?

We’re going to clear any habits, obligations, vows, curses – and a curse is someone wishing you ill. It happens. I'm just going to clear all that – on all levels, lifetimes, languages – resolving all the history. Anything that stands in the way of that, we’re going to delete and de-story across all time, space, dimensions, and realities.

Feel that happen, if you are feeling it. If you’re not feeling it, that’s okay. 

Energy Infusion: Clear Receptor Sites

Now,we’re going to infuse clear receptor sites – at the appropriate size for you.

Whatever is right for you, with your receptor sites – you may feel a little expansion. You may feel a lot. Just know that they can increase in size as you get more familiar with this receiving energy. 

Now, let’s just take a minute to allow the Spirit of Prosperity to come into your field, into that energy field around you.

If you like, you can close your eyes. You definitely don’t have to. Just take a moment, and just gaze up gently, take a breath.

Gazing upwards helps to slow down your brain waves. It helps you become more aligned with what you want. 

Internally, invite in the Spirit of Prosperity. 

That may feel like something, it may look like a color or an individual or an energy. It may sound or feel like something to you. 

Invite in the spirit of prosperity. Allow yourself to receive it. Welcome it in. Thank it for being with you.

Now, see if you can receive it just a tad more. Just let it go even deeper into your being. 

Feel it, register it, note what it feels like. 

Remember it – and repeat it. 

Do this again tomorrow. All you need to do is gaze up gently, breathe in and out. Invite it in and say to the Spirit of Prosperity, “I invite you in. I welcome you, and I thank you.”

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this clearing and infusion session. 

I would love for you to let me know what you notice – and if you would like to talk about your ability to receive more prosperity.

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