Counting My Blessings

Counting My Blessings.png

I spent the weekend in the heart of America - near Prairie Home, Missouri  - where the horse and cattle population outnumbers more than the human inhabitants in town and you have to drive a ways to shop. There corn and soybeans grow in abundance on rolling hills, guns are toted, and people know how to fix things and break horses.

Yes, I was in Red Country, and I loved it. Before I went, I made a commitment to get to know the people I would be visiting in Missouri. I wanted to find our commonalities, not dwell on the differences we may believe in. I went to perform the wedding of my goddaughter, Sally Rolfe, to her fiance, Adam Fowler, so I knew it would be a special time.

Family and friends who are like family gathered. The field on Little Trees Farms was prepared with care by Adam and friends with hay bales covered with quilts for seats and wildflowers and meaningful mementos for decorations. Robbie, Sally's service dog, was trained to accompany her down the aisle as he carried the rings to give to Adam. The food was prepared and arrangements made to serve it to guests without the benefit of electricity or refrigeration on site.

It was the perfect setting for the wedding of two people who love each other and love the farm life.

I talked to the groomsmen who all grew up in the area – to Jeff about the right to carry firearms, to Preston about his commitment to farm family land in Missouri and Colorado, and to Corey about running a farm home for retired thoroughbreds and working horses where they return to life without carrying humans on their backs.

These are wonderful people whose values I respect and whose talents I admire.

I spent time renewing friendships with folks I've known almost all my life and in some cases all of theirs. I explored the college town of Columbia, Missouri, home of University of Missouri and Stephens College, and sampled delicious food from local farmers.

The transportation to and from the wedding was non-eventful (my favorite mode of travel!) and the time there was rich with discovery, celebration, and connections with new and old friends.

I came home to a deep sense of calm and gratitude for everything I have and the diversity of this life.

The people I know and care about are stable and going about their lives and dealing with their challenges. In the wake of the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, this is a lot to be grateful for.

Returning home I found these beautiful hydrangeas blooming. They remind me of the abundance all around us, if we take a moment to be with it.


I leave you with this question, "What one blessing do you choose to count right now?" Hold it in your awareness. Breathe it in. Let it fill your heart. Ahhhhhh ... That’s an Abundance Blessing!

PS    If you'd like to see pictures of Sally and Adam's Farm Wedding, head over to my Facebook page. Send me a friend request there if you would like.