Ready to Expand Your Abundance?

It’s Self-Improvement Time! A new year propels us to new goals and resolutions to make better things happen in our life.

What gets very tricky – down right challenging – is when the new habits (did anyone say “better diet and more exercise?”) become inconvenient, hard, and so unfamiliar that we give up on them before January is over.

My intention for 2018 is to expand my Abundance in every area in my life and business and make that expansion real and sustainable throughout the year and in future years to come.

Will you join me?

Watch the video or read the article below to begin to expand your personal and professional abundance.

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What is Abundance?

What does it mean to you?

How you can get more of it?

And how you can break through the limits of what you think is possible in your abundance?

Let’s Dive into the Abundance Conversation

Answer this question:

What does abundance mean to you?

Of course, the thing most of us begin thinking about is, “more money.”

Maybe for you, it’s “plenty of money to meet my needs and to help others.”

But there are other ways to be abundant, in addition to money.

If you’ve got a lot of money and no friends and nobody likes you, that’s not very abundant.

Or if you have a lot of money, but your health is not great, that’s not very abundant – because you can’t do what you want to do.

Expand Your Ideas about Abundance

So let’s expand this concept of abundance beyond money. Of course, we want to include money. Money is very important. It’s not the most important thing, but it touches everything. So it is important.

Where else can you be abundant?

What about loving times with family and friends? Like, really getting along with the people that you spend time with. Really enjoying their company and knowing that they enjoy yours.

What about work that you love and you’re great at? So that going to work is like going to play. That’s really abundant, too.

What about feeling good, with plenty of energy to do what you want to do? If you’ve ever had a health challenge, or constant pain, or something physical that really gets your attention, having all of that stress taken off of you – and having the energy to do, and the capability to do what you want to do – is really, really abundant.

What about having an abundance of understanding, empathy, and compassion? You may be very sensitive and very empathetic. How is that part of your abundance?

Maybe you can understand what someone’s going through when they lose a loved one or if they’re il or if they’re having financial difficulties.

That’s a form of abundance: having that sensitivity and that capability of relating to another exactly where they are. I think of the Dalai Lama because he carries so much compassion and so much understanding and such a great sense of humor in the middle of all of it.

And what about time to take care of yourself – to see to your own needs? Get that massage, go to acupuncture, go to the yoga class that you’ve been meaning to go to. Or take 20 minutes to meditate.

I know we all have really busy lives and that, we devote ourselves to other people quite, quite extensively. So wouldn’t that be a facet of abundance – of having time and taking the time – to devote to taking take care of your own needs? Taking care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs? Let’s put that on the list, too.

Will You Play Along with Me?

This is the question I’m asking in 2018:

How can I stretch my abundance – in every area?

To help kick this off, I recommend to you the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks (who is a man).

The book is about getting into your Zone of Genius – a brilliant concept. But what I really love is that Hendricks talks about breaking through the Upper Limits of your abundance.

Here are the two questions he has for you:

“How much love and abundance am I willing to allow?”

“And how am I getting in my own way?”

The latter is a BRILLIANT question, because many of us – myself included – think that it’s usually an external situation that stands in our way:

“Oh, it’s, my mother raised me that way.”

Or “Oh, the economy’s not so good.”

Or “You know, everybody’s got the flu, so everybody’s just kind of sick.”

And that’s all external, and you have no – like zero – control over that. So with that question, Hendricks is asking,

“How can you take responsibility for what you may be doing to stand in your own way?”

So I’m going to leave you with these two questions:

“How much love and abundance am I willing to allow?”

“And how am I getting in my own way?”

Let me know what you come up with. Let’s get started expanding abundance in every area of YOUR life and business too!