What's Your Invitation?

What's your invitation?

Welcome to another More Abundance Live with Adele Michal!

I work with women entrepreneurs who want to make more money, serve more clients, and be confident and authentic while doing it. I also work with innovative teams and companies.

I combine sales strategies with good marketing and with energy work – to alleviate any limiters that you might have about putting yourself out into the marketplace with your message.

Last time, we talked about the essential question you have to ask before you market: What will they buy? What do they want? 

What do your prospects want – not what they need? 

Today, I'm starting a seven-part series on how to be heard above all the noise in the marketplace

Watch the video or read the article below to get started.

There are a lot of people out there – probably a lot of people doing what you do. I know there’re a lot of coaches, graphic designers, branders, and financial advisers to name a few of the service-based providers I work with. 

How do you get heard above all the noise? 

Step 1 is to answer the question: What’s your invitation? What are you inviting people into? 

When you have

·      a clear message, 

·      a compelling story about why you do what you do, 

·      a clear picture of who you help, and 

·      a presence that helps people trust you and know that you’re the right person for them

then you begin to be heard in a noisy marketplace.

It’s not about commanding, it’s not about demanding or being needy. It’s not about manipulating. 

If you think that good marketing and sales is about any of that, please give that up right now. It’s not about that at all. 

Good marketing that leads to authentic selling is about

·      developing real relationships, 

·      having meaningful conversations, 

·      being authentic and present for another person, and 

·      seeing whether your solution is the right one for them.

I call that being an invitation.

What I’d like to share with you are the three basic human needs that every business addresses – in one way or another.

Maybe they address more than one need, one desire.

The three basic areas that you can be an invitation in are

1.  Health and Well-Being – feeling good, feeling like you have sustainable health. You’re sleeping well, eating well, dealing with stress well. 

Health and well-being is the first bucket that your business can address. It can address one of these things or multiple.

2.  The second area is Happiness and Relationships. This is 

·      happiness within yourself,

·      happiness with your intimate relationship, 

·      happiness with your work, and 

·      relationships with other people – at work, at home, intimate relationships, child relationships, parent relationships, friend relationships, community relationships – all the sorts of relationships that you are involved with.

3.  The third is Money and Meaning. You may think it’s a little unusual that I put those together. I think that nowadays, people are really looking for meaning in their work. 

They want to be paid good money. I know that’s always been very important to me. In fact, the meaning has been more important than the money. 

When people go into their own business, this is often what they’re really looking for. They think, “I cannot work in a cubicle anymore. I have to have meaning in my life.” 

And they want to be paid well.

Look to see what your invitation is.

Are you inviting people into greater health and well-being? 

Are you inviting them into more happiness and better relationships? 

Are you inviting them into more money and meaning?

That’s the first step. There are six more steps that I'm going to walk you through in this series about how to be heard above all the noise in the marketplace. Please let me know if you have any ideas about this, what comes up for you. 

Which of these three areas is your business the invitation to?

We’re going to be covering this and all seven steps in the Choosing Abundance Event in October in Durham, North Carolina.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this two-day retreat-style workshop visit my page.

You can book a complimentary strategy session right there on that page. We’ll get on Zoom video conference or the phone for 30 minutes and find out where you are in your business, what would help you the most, and whether coming to this event would be a great fit for you.

That’s it for today. I wish you great abundance and let me know: What is your invitation?

PS  If you’re unclear about the invitation your business makes, book a complimentary strategy session with me here. I’d love to help you get clear on where you are, where you want to go, and how best to get there. Talk to you soon!