Creative Sales Coaching for Teams

Effortless Enrolling™ Training

For the innovative, start-up or small business team that is ready to refine its marketing message and confidently enroll its ideal clients with conversations that serve its prospects and converts them into clients.

Three aspects of the sales process are addressed in this training –

  • Attract with a magnetic marketing message
  • Engage with your prospects authentically
  • Enroll your prospects with confidence and integrity

Team Experiences & Results

Adele Michal, Sales Training for Teams in North Carolina

Adele has shifted our team's mindset about sales.  

She has provided us with the techniques we need to quickly identify clients who may be a good fit for partnership.  I would recommend Adele to anyone who is looking for a unique, outside-the- box sales process that goes into the heart of client needs and desires.

Carolyn Naseer, Director - Springboard Commons

Adele Michal, Sales Coach for Small Business Teams in NC

Adele gave us a repeatable process for sales that absolutely suits our 

style and corporate mission.

Adele's Effortless Enrolling Program™ teaches how to quickly identify what's most important to a prospective client, and this facilitates the formation of strong, successful business partnerships.     

The practice and role-playing included in the training were extremely useful for building our sales skills, confidence, and enthusiasm!

Joyce M. Young, MD, MPH, Managing Director - Advanced Wellness Systems

Adele Michal, Creative Sales Coaching for Small Business Teams

Adele helped us see our strengths.

I thought she'd tell us what we were doing wrong in our selling. But just the opposite. She helped us see our strengths and how to claim them.

Ashlee, Entrepreneur & Team Training Attendee