Adele Michal - helping you find more confidence, more clients and more money

More confidence.
More clients.
More money.

Confidence & Sales Coaching for Women and Teams

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With my focus on tapping into your own natural gifts and skills, I provide creative VIP coaching, training and virtual programs on sales. I guide you on how to grow your business by being “you” and selling well without "selling your soul."

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When your mission is what matters most

Every day, you are changing lives and making a difference. It’s what drives you. But there’s something that can stop you – something that holds you back from fully loving and succeeding in the work you do...




"Sales" has you frozen.

Though you know you need to sell your services, you feel

uncomfortable with the idea of pushing yourself on clients
fearful of sleazy sales pitches
and lost for what to do instead

While you’d love to attract ideal clients and make an income that sustains you in the process – you ask yourself, “at what cost?”


What if “sales” didn’t have to be the hard sales pitch we’re all tired of hearing?


• What if sales could be about serving your clients well?
• What if great sales came from tapping into your natural abilities?
• And what if you didn’t have to give up your integrity to make more money?


I’m Adele Michal, and I believe there are ways to success that don’t mean compromising who you are to get it. 

As a business coach and speaker since 2005, I guide you on how to sell well in your business - on your own terms.

Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur, a coach, a thought-leader or part of an awesome team – I want you to know it’s okay (and it’s time!) to ditch “old school” sales tricks.

it's possible to uncover your best, natural approach to sales - the style that will finally give you the confidence to transform more lives, including your own.

You don’t have to do it alone. Let’s explore your way to better, more confident and authentic selling together.

My business has never been more successful since I started working with Adele.