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Can the Right People Hear You?

Is your marketing getting to your potential clients?

Or is it lost in a sea of noise?

In this mini-course I'll walk you through 7 steps to creating a message that gets through the noise to the people you want to talk to.

Authentically, honorably, consistently.


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What would having a clear and compelling way to talk about  your business do for you and your abundance?




I'm Adele Michal, a Sales Coach and Trainer for service-based women transformational entrepreneurs and teams. I work remotely with clients all over the country from my base in Chapel Hill, NC. 

I initially trained and practiced successfully as a psychotherapist, working primarily with students, athletes, and business people.  In 2005, I shifted my focus to coaching women business owners, entrepreneurs, and service-based professionals to help them boost their confidence, sales, and income.

I'm committed to help women in business overcome barriers to confidence and success so that they make more money, enjoy their work and life more, and realize their mission of making the world a better place.

My signature program, Effortless Enrolling™, is designed to help my clients attract, engage, and enroll their ideal clients while using their natural relationship abilities and maintaining their own personal style, integrity, and authenticity.

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